Some ideas about plants, amphibians and electronics in a non-hierarchical order.

What do amphibians, plants and electronics have in common? Maybe not much, except the fact that they provoke an incontrollable urge to tinkering and prototyping .

Isalo National Park – Ranohira – Madagascar


A DIY Reflow Hotplate for small Aluminium-core PBCs

Few months ago, at the beginning of the pandemic, I was just about to finish assembling my DIY Fluorometer when disgrace stroke. While disassembling the lights, I noticed that one of my LED PCBs stopped working. The only solution to that problem was to manufacture a new batch and request assembly in China, as it was my custom procedure to design my own PCBs. What it used to be a normal, albeit slow, procedure to get a small batch of aluminium core PCBs done, then transformed into a nightmare.

A batch of 5-10 aluminium core PCBs would cost around $70, plus delivery $25. I would also add the stencil ($10) and assembly, which would include the service and parts costs. It was the part cost that changed overnight with the arrival of the pandemic.

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